Customer’s can sense the BS

How to gain respect for your restaurant. Hospitality is all about making people feel welcome and comfortable, so smoke and mirrors will get you nowhere. It’s time to drop the act and be real with your customers The customer’s BS radar is good – they’re swamped with hype and can sense the BS. They can […] Read more

Aug, 18, 2016



We would like to introduce you to the latest Guru’s to join the HospoTrain team   MEET… Mike Fowler Mike has been with us for a while now and is based in Wellington. He teaches the LCQ Courses, does on-site training programs, and also collates our Mystery Dining reports.  Mike has over 9 years of […] Read more

Aug, 05, 2016


The annoying restaurant trend ruining our dining experience

Without my permission, restaurants have abandoned, or simply overlooked, a classic tenet of service etiquette This is a great piece from our friends at the http://www.independent.co.uk/  – We sometimes find this nasty habit in New Zealand and it drives us crazy too. The other night I was eating a plate of noodles, and enjoying it. I […] Read more

Jun, 14, 2016


The 7 Deadly Restaurant Sins to Avoid

We just had to share this great blog post from Donald Burns. At HospoTrain we believe in alot of the same things as David and we also Train/Coach the businesses we work with to thinking about the following things.   Enjoy the read, Cheers James Bennie  – On the surface, running a restaurant seems relatively […] Read more

Apr, 14, 2016


The Connoisseur Nation.

After 15 years in the industry and having witnessed the various changes in trends and trade during that time, I’ve now coined another phrase: “The Overnight Connoisseur”…. Or the customer who thinks they know more than they actually do about a particular product and reps it hard.   This is a trend I’ve noticed more […] Read more

Feb, 18, 2016



Hey There, Welcome to the NEW HospoTrain website and NEW logo, we hope you like our new look. Stay tuned here for all your hospitality news and blog posts, lots of great info to be shared.  

Dec, 01, 2015